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STRIKEBAIT Monofilament Fishing Line – for Effortless Handling and Casting – Extra Thin, Ultra Strong, Clear Mono – Best for Fresh Water and Saltwater – 12 Pound Test, 150 Yards

Price: $8.95
(as of Oct 18,2020 23:35:42 UTC – Details)

Product Description

strikebait fishing equipmentstrikebait fishing equipment

Catch Big Fish With STRIKEBAIT Monofilament Line

Whether brushing up against rocks, dragging a monster catfish from a drop, or dealing with any kind of fish-fighting situation, this tough monofilament line provides exceptional strength and power for reliable performance you can count on.

Be Prepared For Any Fishing Situation

STRIKEBAIT Monofilament Line is a 12lb test designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, resist underwater abrasions and take the weight of big game.

We use good quality PVDF, a fluoropolymer renowned for its toughness, to ensure the highest tensile strength with near zero stretch – a must when angling strong, heavy or aggressive fish.

That means you’ll never have to worry about your line breaking and losing your lure the next time you struggle with a fish boat-side, or tearing a hole in a fish mouth when you unhook your catch.

Added to that the line’s exceptional suppleness, low visibility and superior castability, this line is an excellent choice, whether you’re trolling, casting or spinning, on coastal and offshore locations.

Up Your Fishing Game With STRIKEBAIT

At STRIKEBAIT, we’re avid fishing enthusiasts ourselves. We know if you want to land a hefty haul, you need reliable gear in your tackle box to back you up.

That’s why we test our products rigorously to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

Head out in pursuit of a great catch with STRIKEBAIT.



Strong Fabric

Strong Fabric

Great Knot Capability

Great Knot Capability

Flexible Line

Flexible Line

Strong Material

The super strong 12lb test will make sure you get those big ones in the boat.

Great Knot Capability

Monofilament line is the best for knot tying. Easy quick and strong.

Clear Colored Line

Overall, the clear color is the best color to blend in under most water conditions.

strikebait monofilament fishing linestrikebait monofilament fishing line

REELS IN THE BIG GAME WITHOUT BREAKING: Made from heavy duty Nylon, StrikeBait Mono is designed to provide superior knot strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Reliable and incredibly strong, it won’t break under pressure or disappoint when catching big game
WRANGLE FAST SWIMMING FISH – AND WIN: With near zero stretch, this flexible 12 lb test fishing line will absorb shock to counteract strong strikes. Its extra stretch and lower sinker rate makes it great for topwater fishing and provides more forgiveness during hooking and fighting
CASTS AS SMOOTH AS SILK: This monofilament line is extremely supple and comes off the spool smoothly for exceptional castability. The line’s suppleness means you can cast further and with greater accuracy to enhance your casting performance
CATCH MORE FISH: Line is extra thin and extremely discreet to outsmart even the wisest of fish! Is virtually invisible underwater and makes for a fantastic leader. The lower than average diameter allows line to sink quicker and enhances sensitivity so it’s easier to detect bites
GREAT CHOICE FOR BEGINNERS AND VETERAN ANGLERS ALIKE: Our monofilament lines are pliable and easy to tie and handle. It’s extra tough and versatile enough to perform beautifully in fresh water and salt water applications, from ponds with thick vegetation to deep sea fishing

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