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STRIKEBAIT Fluorocarbon Fishing Line – Virtually Invisible and Impossible to Detect – Strong, Heavy Duty Abrasion and UV Resistant Clear Leader Material – 12 Pound Test, 150 Yards

Price: $14.95
(as of Oct 20,2020 12:21:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description

strikebait fishing equipmentstrikebait fishing equipment


Get more bites with this ultra-durable fluorocarbon line. Top notch leader material, it’s invisible in water with high abrasion resistance, impressive cast-ability, great knot strength and a quick sink rate. Meet your new secret weapon to catching line-wary fish.

A Workhorse of a Fishing Line

STRIKEBAIT Fluorocarbon Line is a versatile and solid all-round fishing line that can be used for almost any type of fishing.

Treated with UV-protection, it’s weather resistant so you can fish during any season, hot or cold. It’s also chemical resistant so you can crossover from saltwater to freshwater without a hitch.

It’s strength and stealth-like qualities in the water make it almost impossible to detect. It’s toughness and invisibility are perfect for ice fishing and for bass and walleye fishing. So, no matter whether you love to go fly fishing or salt water fishing, in the thickest blow-downs or in jagged rocks, STRIKEBAIT Fluorocarbon line is up to the job.

Up Your Fishing Game With STRIKEBAIT

At STRIKEBAIT, we’re avid fishing enthusiasts ourselves. We know if you want to land a hefty haul, you need reliable gear in your tackle box to back you up.

That’s why we test our products rigorously to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

Head out in pursuit of a great catch with STRIKEBAIT.


STRIKEBAIT Fluorocarbon Fishing LineSTRIKEBAIT Fluorocarbon Fishing Line





Easy to Use

Easy to Use


Can be used for its toughness or invisibility. Spooled as is makes for a very strong deep water line. It can also be tied to a braided line as an invisible leader.


This line has near zero stretch and is abrasion resistant. Yank those big ones out of cover with ease.

Easy to Use

Even though it is much stiffer than monofilament line, it is still easy to handle and tie with.

strikebait fluorocarbon fishing linestrikebait fluorocarbon fishing line

GET MORE HITS: Our Fluorocarbon Lines can be used as leaders and are the perfect partner to braid. Tough and translucent, it won’t spook line shy fish and can be used for any type of fishing from jigging and baitcasting to trolling
VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE FOR CRYSTAL CLEAR PERFORMANCE: This low visibility fluorocarbon line is UV resistant so won’t refract light and scare fish away. Ideal for angling skittish fish in clear water and finesse fishing like shaky heads, drop shots, and wacky rigs
NEVER LOSE A BIG CATCH AGAIN: This 12lb test line is 100% FC with extreme knot and tensile strength. Extra strong to prevent knot failure, you can be sure your line will hold up when you reel in your next big one and earn those well deserved bragging rights!
FISH IN ROCKS OR REEF WITH CONFIDENCE: The tough, hard finish of this fluorocarbon line can withstand scratches and fraying regardless of depth. You can drag bait across the water floor without worrying about abrasion or the line breaking or tearing
IMPROVE YOUR HOOKSETS: The line’s high flexibility and low memory makes for great castability and superior hooking power. Makes it easier for you to hook your fish at a greater distance. Use in calm or windy conditions without worrying about line twists or backlash

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