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SeaKnight T2 Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 100% Double Fluorocarbon Structure 100m/110yds Monofilament Leader Sinking Line

Price: $8.69
(as of Oct 18,2020 19:30:24 UTC – Details)

Amazing Strength: The fluorocarbon fishing line boasts incredible abrasion resistance while maintaining softness needed, allows it to withstand the shock of savage strikes and deliver solid hooksets.
Invisible Underwater: The MONSTER T2 comes close to matching the light refraction index of water, makes it totally invisible to the fish in the water.
Fast Sinking: Features high-density construction, allows lures to sink faster than mono, resulting in less slack between the lure and rodtip; perfect for pinning lures close to bottom and achieving more running depths from weightless presentations in both trolling and casting situations.
Ultralow Stretch: Outfitted with ultralow stretch for enhanced sensitivity, offers improved ability for bite detection, better telegraph information from the other end of the line, even lightest bites.

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