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SeaKnight Fire Fishing Line 327yds Fire Filament Line Smooth PE Filament Superline Mono Floating Line Saltwater 6LB 8LB 10LB 20LB 40LB

Price: $37.96
(as of Oct 31,2020 10:40:13 UTC – Details)

Material: PE Fiber
Length: 300m/327yds
Test LB: 6-40LB
Suitable: Freshwater/Saltwater
Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating/Suspending


Fire line has a strong anti-corrosion, not easy to aging, suitable for all kinds of fishing environment
Thin Diameter – Incredible lure action and low visibility.
Abrasion Resistance: Due to the difference in produce process,fire line abrasion resistance is much better than nylon line and little worse than braided line.
FireWire is the line with special process, not Monofilament or braided wire. Instead, it is compound of single fiber polymer material. It is a kind of high strength fishing line.

Notice: fire line knot way is more unique, please pay attention when use it to achieve better performance.

Package Including:
1 x Fire Fishing Line
1 x Original Box

Extremely low stretch transmits fishing signs faster and more accurate to reduce fishing actions and sound.
Combine smoothness of nylon line and strong power of braided line, creating excellent tough and anti-biting Fire filament fishing line.
Srong power and high strength fit for big game fish.Thinner and smooth has small resistance in wind and water and will be better for longer casting.
Waterproof coating on the surface aviod fading, nearly zero water absorption has an outstanding water cutting ability with sinking lures

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