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SAPLIZE Fluorocarbon Coated Fishing Line, 110Yards,6lb-22lb Super Abrasion Resistance Low Stretch Easy Casting Fishing Line Series

Price: $4.99
(as of Oct 21,2020 09:22:47 UTC – Details)

  • Saplize Fishing Line series has different kinds such as fluorocarbon and monofilament. With ice invisible and abrasion resistant features, they are liked by many experienced anglers.
  • Saplize Fishing Line uses awsome material for its all kinds such as 6lb / 8lb / 10lb / 12lb / 14lb / 16lb / 20lb / 22lb / 25lb and etc. You can find clear and green colors in saplize fishing series.
  • Saplize Fishing devotes to provide durable products with the finest monofilament nylon line manufacturing technology. Make saplize your great partner in your next bass fishing tackle.
  • Saplize Fishing Lines monofilament series are thinner in diameter, stronger and abrasion resistant. It performs great both in saltwater and freshwater. Whether you are in a tournament or fishing with friends for fun, saplize monofilament is always your best choice.
  • Saplize Fishing Lines fulfill the most needs in a perfect way from anglers such as moving baits, topwater, trolling and others. Have a wonderful fishing experience with saplize monofilament.

【Low Memory & Stretch】Lower memory and stretch than monofilament fishing line
【Anti-shocking】More shock strength than pure fluorocarbon fishing line
【Invisibility】Low light-reflection in water, the saplize fluorocarbon coated fishing lines are virtually invisible to fish in any water condition
【Lightweight】Realize smooth casting and increased depth with lightweighted design.

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