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Poufu Fishing Leader Wire 60pcs Strengthen Stainless Steel with swivels and Snap

Price: $12.99
(as of Oct 29,2020 19:24:21 UTC – Details)

Leader Wire action:
1. Avoid the pulling of the throwing moment, and the damage of the main line after the main line and the guide ring are rubbed;
2. After the bait or the fish bite the bait, protect the front end of the main line to avoid obstacles;
3, concealing the main line, reducing the vigilance of the fish after the fish line is found;
4. Counteract the instantaneous pulling force that may occur after the fish is hooked, and play a buffering role;
5. Marking the bait when it is recovered to prevent the bait from colliding with the front ring of the surimi and wounding;
6. Using a reliable front wire that is higher than the main line strength, you can try to choose the possibility of a thinner main line, which makes the throwing easy and allows the bait to fly farther.
The package contains:
Red Leader Wire *20
Black Leader Wire *20
Silver Leader Wire *20

✦Made of high-quality stainless steel, the wire length is 11.81in, and the test can reach 30 LB. It is not afraid of sharp fish attacks.
✦The surface of the wire is wrapped with anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint, which is reliable and durable, and has a smooth surface and does not harm the fishing line
✦Achieve greater weight reduction while maintaining tension, making fishing bait easier
✦Elastic buckle design makes it easier to connect hooks or lures
✦Leader wire prevents the fishing line from being caught by fish, and both saltwater and freshwater can be used.

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