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Magreel Spincast Fishing Reel High Speed 4.3:1 Gear Ratio Left/Right Hand Interchangeable Pre-Spooled Reel

Price: $27.99 - $23.99
(as of Oct 15,2020 22:49:38 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer

spincast reelspincast reel

Enjoy Fishing with Magreel

New member into Magreel family is this Spincast Reel. Featuring with dual pickup system and pre-spooled line, it’s convenient for you to smoothly retrieve and use. Meanwhile, it offers high performance components, high speed gear ratio and left & right hand interchanging… More surprises are waiting for you to explore.

spincast reelspincast reel


Material: Plastic+ Metal Front

Spool: Aluminum AlloyBrake Pads: Teflon+ Carbon Fiber+ Stainless SteelHandle: Aluminum AlloyKnob: PVC

Factory Default: Right-hand

Bearing: 5+1 double sealed stainless steel; Speed Ratio: 4.3:1

Max Drag: 5kg/11lb

Mono Capacity: 6lb/ 110yards=0.25MM/100M; 10LB/87Yards

Pre-Spooled Line: 6lb, 109yards

spincast reel

spincast reel

spincast reel

spincast reel

spincast reel

spincast reel

Smooth Line Opening

Exquisitely-crafted opening reduces the resistance and offers smooth casting, preventing line tangles.

Adjustable Drag

Easy and flexible to adjust the drag according to actual situation. The max drag is up to 5kg/11lb.

Quick Release Switch

The thumb switch is scientifically designed for quick release. Simply press down, start to cast and ready to get a big fish!

spincast reel

spincast reel

spincast reel

spincast reel

spincast reel

spincast reel

Left/Right Hand Interchangeable

Magreel made this reel with left/right hand interchangeable for retrieve, which caters for every angler’s needs.

Dual Pickup System

With the dual pickup system, it’s better to tighten the loose lines and prevent lines tangles. You could quickly get ready for the next cast.

Pre-Spooled Monofilament Line

The spincast reel is pre-spooled with 109 yards of 6lb high quality monofilament fishing lines. Save you much troubles!

High-Performing Bearings: Magreel Spincast Reel is well constructed with 5 double-sealed stainless-steel bearings and 1 instant anti-reverse bearing, offering ultra-smooth retrieve when you fight with fish.
Left/Right Hand Interchangeable: Our reel supports left & right hand interchanging, which is designed for different anglers’ habits. The factory default is right hand. Please refer to the instruction to change into left hand retrieve.
Dual Pickup System: When retrieving, it’s quick and convenient to pull loosen lines and prevent line winding and knotting, quickly to set the hook and make another cast.
Pre-Spooled Line: The spincast reel comes pre-spooled with 109 yards of 6lb high quality monofilament fishing lines. Get ready for fishing anytime!
High Speed Gear Ratio: Magreel Spincast reel offers high speed gear ratio at 4.3:1, which lets you retrieve fast, suitable for trout fishing, bass fishing, pan fishing and more.

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