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MagBay Lures 100% Pure Fluorocarbon Leader 150, 130, 100, 80, 60 & 40 lbs 33 Yard Fishing Line

Price: $14.95
(as of Oct 28,2020 01:38:52 UTC – Details)

MagBay Lures now offers 100% Fluorocarbon for serious big game Anglers. The advantages of Fluorocarbon over Monofilament line is vast. There is science behind fluorocarbon, and we absolutely believe there is no time on the water to not use Fluoro as your leader unless wire is required. Our multi pound Strength MagBay Blue Series Fluoro is fully tested. It becomes more and more invisible under water as the passing refractive light reduces. Its low stretch helps for strikes and the abrasion resistance is the ultimate. The MagBay Advantage: Our 100% Fluorocarbon Leader made in Japan is the absolute highest quality leader available on the market. Those who know the MagBay Brand know the quality of our products and our leader material is nothing short of the best. We encourage any big game fisherman to use Fluorocarbon over mono every single time. The advantages are just too large to ignore. The one and only disadvantage is the price of Fluorocarbon vs the price on Mono, but its a small price to pay in our minds. We also find there is a big savings in crimps, and rigging as fluoro tends to last at least 1 to 2 hookups longer and always last longer without fish than mono. Monofilament will breakdown overtime and should be changed every season or sooner. Fluoro is UV and abrasion resistant, and can last a very long time even in harsh conditions. Mono will lose break strength very rapidly. 130 lbs comes in MagBay Bag, 40-100 comes in MagBay Spool. Features: – 30m; – Ultra-low visibility; – IGFA Certified. ABOUT MAGBAY LURES: MagBay Lures were born in Magdalena Bay, Mexico out of the desire to attract and catch more fish. Each design has been inspired and customized by anglers to meet the needs of what we have seen over the past 30 years fishing the Pacific and around the world. One of the many keys we have found is the perfect balance of mass and configuration that can give one lure enhanced creative action to ultimately intrigue more fish. MagBay Lures are consistently proven to catch all big game species. The quality and brilliance can be seen in any MagBay Lure you purchase.

30m (33yards)
Ultra-low visibility
IGFA Certified

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