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LINE BUDDY Fishing Tool Line Clippers Nipper Braided Line Cutter Knot Tying Tool Hook Fly Flies Lure Threading Pole Rod Threader Tackle Box Equipment Gear Multi-Tool Gifts for Men

Price: $29.99
(as of Oct 28,2020 22:56:41 UTC – Details)

The new LINE BUDDY Multi-Tool for fishermen combines the world’s only magnetic fishing pole threader with 5 other convenient tools into a “must have” for every tackle box. The pole threader can thread fishing rods with guides as small as 2.5 mm ID, and is especially useful for long fly rod and new style micro guide rods. The needles are very smooth and precision made, and because of the magnetic force holding the needle in place, there is no friction that could damage the eyelet. Additionally, the needle can be used for cleaning hook eyes or easily removed for picking apart the occasional bird’s nest in your reel. The tool also features line clippers made from hardened stainless steel, and a two-way line cutter on the end with a replaceable Japanese stainless steel blade that will cut even the thickest braided line like butter. A knot tying tool makes tying nail knots, line splices, or leader to fly line a breeze! The magnetic hook threader makes threading the smallest hooks and flies effortless and is especially useful for older people or those with poor eye sight. It is also useful for tying lures and jigs. The rotating needle cover features a rubber over-molded grip to prevent slippage, and eliminates the time and hassle associated with other multitool when trying to find the right tool for the job. A removable clip on the end lets you easily attach the tool to a lanyard or strap. Combined with your net, pliers, and other equipment, this accessory should be in every organizer. It also makes a great gift for those hard to shop for fishermen who already have all the other gear they need.

Worlds First Magnetic Pole Threading Multi-Tool… Great for bait casting, micro-guide, and long fly rods
Magnetic Hook Threader… Easily threads the smallest fly’s and hooks
Fishing Line Clippers…. Quality 420 hardened stainless steel
Two-Way Line Cutter… Replaceable Japanese steel blade cuts the thickest braid like butter.
Nail Knot Tying Tool… Easily tie hooks, line splices, or leader to fly line

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