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KastKing Brutus Spinning Reel, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reels, Graphite Frame, CNC Aluminum Spool, 5.0:1 Gear Ratio, 4+1 Ball Bearings.

Price: $26.99
(as of Oct 25,2020 14:28:01 UTC – Details)

Product Description

KastKng BrutusKastKng Brutus

KastKng BrutusKastKng Brutus


The amazing new Brutus spin fishing reel is the perfect combination of performance and value. True Affordable Innovation with features and performance of reels costing twice as much.

The KastKing Brutus spinning reel uses a lightweight and durable graphite frame and rotor to keep weight down. Performance is assured by using a zinc alloy main gear and a brass pinion gear for strength and durability. The steel main shaft ensures strength at the heart of the reel.

Brutus spinning reels use high-performance, stainless-steel ball bearings (4+1), and a machined aluminum, high-capacity spool. These exceptional bearings reduce noise and increase performance and all-day fishing comfort.

A smooth drag is a very important part of any fishing reel and the Brutus uses one of the best. The multi-disc drag system is not only exceptionally smooth but will deliver exceptional fish stopping power. The Brutus spinning fishing reel has a reversible, left- or right-hand retrieve handle and features a 5.0:1 gear ratio which is perfect for all around fishing. Reels from 2000 to 4000 have a lightweight, strong graphite handle arm, the 5000 size reel as an aluminum handle arm for added strength.

Brutus spinning reels are super easy to cast and are available in 4 different sizes (2000/3000/4000/5000). There is a size for panfish, trout, bass (largemouth and smallmouth), walleye, catfish, pike and much more.

KastKing Brutus

KastKing Brutus

KastKing Brutus

KastKing Brutus

KastKing Brutus

KastKing Brutus

KastKing Brutus

KastKing Brutus

Handy Line Keeper

The line keeper on KastKing Brutus gives you a convenient way to attach your line after you have untied your bait and prevents unspooling of your line during storage.

Line Roller Bearings

KastKing Brutus has a total of 4 Ball Bearings, including one in the line roller for smooth retrieves and long life.

Left or Right-hand Retrieve Handle

Convenient reversible handles offers you left hand or right hand retrieve. Handles easily unthread to quickly changeover from left hand to right hand retrieve or to remove the handle for storage.

Comfortable Handle Grips

Flat paddle rubber grips offer you a sure grip all day long for fishing comfort in all fishing conditions. Maintenance free and easy to clean.


2000, 3000, 4000, 5000

2000, 3000, 4000, 5000

1000, 2000,3000,4000

2000, 3000, 4000, 5000,6000

1000, 2000, 3000,4000, 5000

2000, 3000,4000,5000

Gear Ratio













Aluminum Alloy

Ball Bearing



10 + 1


10 + 1

10 + 1

Max Drag(LB)



17.6 – 22.0


33.0 – 39.5





8.6 – 10.1




IPT(in per turn)



31.4 – 38.0


27.8 – 33.8

38.5 – 46.8

Size3000-Mono Line Capacity (Lbs/Yds)

8/330 10/270

8/330 10/270

6/310 8/210 10/180

8/360 10/290

8/220 10/175 12/130

8/220 10/175 12/130

Size3000-Braid Line Capacity (Lbs/Yds)

30/185 40/150

30/185 40/150

20/185 30/150 40/115

30/205 40/165

30/120 40/100 50/85

20/200 30/105 40/85

Interchangeable Hand Retrieve

Low Price and Exceptional Performance – The new KastKing Brutus Spinning fishing reel is designed for exceptional value and performance. Don’t let the low-price fool you, the Brutus Spinning reel is full-featured and easy to cast. Brutus Spinning Reels are now available in 4 sizes from 2000 all the way to 5000, perfect for all freshwater species.
Lightweight Graphite Frame and Rotor – The Brutus spin reel has a lightweight, yet very strong graphite frame and rotor that will perform like reels costing much more. The spool is a machined of aircraft grade aluminum to reduce weight and deliver long, accurate casts. Reels from 2000 to 4000 have a graphite handle arm, the 5000 size reels feature an aluminum handle arm for added strength.
Angler Proven Components –Brutus reels feature a zinc alloy main gear and a brass pinion gear that deliver durability and low noise. The steel main shaft ensures strength at the core of the reel. 4 ball bearings are positioned in the most important performance locations. There is also an instant anti-reverse bearing for quick hook sets.
Smooth and Reliable – KastKing Brutus spinning reels perform like reels costing twice the price. Each reel features an exceptionally smooth, infinitely adjustable, multi-disc drag system that delivers up to 17.5 pounds of run-stopping drag power.
Reliability You Can Trust – You can count on the NEW KastKing Brutus spinning reel to be ready to fish when you are. KastKing is committed to building trouble free spinning reels that will deliver hassle free performance year after year.

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