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HOOK-EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool for Fishing Hooks on Fishing Poles – Cover Hooks on Fishing Rods | Line Cutter | for Saltwater Freshwater Bass Kayak Ice Fishing

Price: $12.95
(as of Oct 27,2020 15:15:05 UTC – Details)

Product Description


We understand that not everyone can tie PERFECT knots to chemically sharpened hooks and that’s why we developed HOOK-EZE. So now EVERYONE can tie their OWN tackle and eliminate painful injuries as the barb on the hook is protected while tieing your tackle.

For EXPERIENCED anglers its the FASTEST & for BEGINNERS its the SAFEST & EASIEST way to tie your tackle!

Hook-Eze River & Coast suits Hooks sized from a Standard 4/0 down to the smallest No. 28 – Hook-Eze River & Coast comes in a variety of colors.



Cover your hooks and Travel fully riggedCover your hooks and Travel fully rigged

SAFE hook cover – Ideal for travelling safely with fully rigged fishing poles with no risk to passengers, pets or upholstery

Tie the Perfect Knot – Never lose a fish again due to a faulty knot!

Line Cutter – Trims up to 50lb mono & heavier braided line. Long Lasting UV resistant materials and Stainless Steel fittings.


Now your children will be able to rig their tackle safely, introducing them to the joys of fishing and the great outdoors. Safely learn to confidently tie their OWN tackle with a professional knot that won’t slip undone and provides more opportunity to catch a fish. Fishing is an ideal way to connect younger generations to outdoor activities and strengthen bonds between family. Hook-Eze gives you peace of mind knowing the sharp barbs of the hook are protected to minimise the risk of injury so you can spend more quality time with your children.

Hook-Eze helps people with hand disbilitiesHook-Eze helps people with hand disbilities

Rediscover the joy of fishing

Hook-Eze is a GREAT tool for people with arthritis, stroke, poor vision, diabetes, MS, Autism or difficulties with fine motor skillls preventing you from fishing. It’s easy to use, safe and gives that little bit of extra assistance to help maintain your independence!

Countless children have written in thanking us for enabling them to help their parents or grandparents rediscover the joy of fishing.

Tie Hooks, Jigs & other rigs…. including Swivels, Speed Clips & Jig Heads.

Fits hooks sized from a Standard 4/0 hook down to the smallest hook No. 28. Hook-Eze also helps to tie Swivels, Jig Heads and Speed Clips for attaching lures or other rigs including a small variety of Flies. Hook-Eze can be used for joining backing line to tippet when fly fishing, complete with a stainless steel line trimmer on the back – Makes this a great addition to your fly fishing gear.

Fishing Knot Tying Tool for your fishing gear. Cover fishing hooks on fishing poles and travel safely. Built in Stainless Steel Line Cutter Suitable for Saltwater and Freshwater fishing, perfect for use in a Kayak and Ice Fishing. Hook-Eze also helps to tie Swivels Jig Heads and Speed Clips for attaching lures or other rigs including a small variety of Flies. Suitable for tackle used for smallmouth and largemouth bass, carp, walleye, perch and crappie and more species.
Simple To Use Great for joining Line to Line when tying on flies – and joining your backing line to the tippet. Line to Leader. Braided Line to Mono filament/ Leader using the FG Knot, Blood or Yucatan knots. Hook Eze is an Awesome Bimini Twist tool as the built in swivel helps create the twists in the line and now can be tied using only 2 hands and a HookEze
Hook-Eze is Made from High Quality 100% Raw Virgin UV Stabilized Polypropylene and Stainless Steel fittings making it impervious to all weather conditions and saltwater
Now Everybody Can Tie Their Own Tackle with a professional knot. Quick Safe Easy Suitable for anglers of all ages and experience – Never lose a fish from a faulty knot! Ideal for cold weather conditions, numb or arthritic fingers and other disabilities to the hands. Tie the Improved Clinch Knot and Palomar Knots perfect every time. Fits hooks sized from a Standard 4/0 hook down to the smallest hook No 28. Great addition to any tackle box!
Travel Safely – use Hook-Eze to cover the hooks attached to the pole so you can safely transport your fishing pole whilst fully rigged. No more torn upholstery or damage to your car, boat, RV or caravan. Avoid injuries to your passengers or pets

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