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Fishing Rod Set: 1 Fishing Rod Sock Mesh Protective Cover + 1 Diameter: 0.98 Inch X-Shaped Tube Heat Shrinkable Tube Fishing Rod Handle Cover + 3 Bait Devices and 6 Rubber Bands

Price: $13.99
(as of Oct 24,2020 15:52:33 UTC – Details)

With a unique woven structure and wide expandability, the fishing rod protective sleeve can easily slide over the end of the rod to protect the rough from damage during rough boating and transportation, eliminating the guide rod or hook in the rod box or garage The hanging object in the middle has strong recovery ability and quick shape recovery; easy to store, especially for fishing rods with guiding devices to protect the fishing rod and avoid scratches

The heat-shrinkable products are made of the highest quality polyolefin materials, which are non-slip, soft, fast shrinkage, stable, wear-resistant, beautiful and easy to use. This heat shrinking agent is widely used in fishing rods, badminton rackets, tennis rackets, pool cues, baseball bats, hockey sticks, daily necessities, kitchen utensils, sports equipment, selfie sticks, industrial hand tools, sports equipment and various handles.

The 3 bait hangers matched for you can provide you with services very conveniently.
Fishing rod socks material: PET heat shrinkable tube material: polyolefin
Fishing rod socks length: 66.9 inches Heat shrink tube length: 3.93 inches
Fishing rod socks width: 1.4 inches-2.4 inches Heat shrinkable tube diameter: 0.98 inches
Working temperature of fishing rod socks: up to 120℃, applicable temperature of heat shrinkable tube: -55℃~110℃
Fishing rod socks weight: 1.48oz
1. It can prevent the pole from being tangled, slip resistant, protect the pole, and avoid scratches when not in use.
2. Suitable for all kinds of fishing rods, such as flying fishing rods, spinning fishing rods, throwing fishing rods, sea fishing rods and other ordinary fishing rods.
3. Flexible expansion, easy to use, not easy to fall off, breathable, and will not accumulate water.
4. The heat resistance can reach 120℃.
5. The elastic band can be wound on the handle of the reel or folded, and the leng

All-round protection: no longer have to worry about the guide ring and bait entangled the fishing rod, the fly line and the fishing rod will create new scratches, the handle of the fishing rod is slippery and difficult to grasp, the scratches of collision, and the hanging of hooks. We have carefully prepared fishing rod socks, high-end heat-shrinkable tubes and 3 bait-hanging devices to protect your fishing rod and your body from scratches by fishing hooks.
Coverage: Fishing rod socks are a good way to prevent annoying tangles in the fishing rod storage cabinets and guides. The high-end heat shrinkable tube is an excellent partner for the fishing rod handle. The bait hanger can be used when you change fishing Good disposal on the way to the point.
High-quality material: the material of fishing rod socks, polyethylene material, has a smooth surface and abrasion resistance. With its heat resistance, even in the hot summer, the rod cover is also very suitable. The material of the heat shrinkable tube is polyolefin. The increased friction and safety on the smooth surface can minimize slippage. The bait hanger is high-quality and environmentally friendly. Plastic, allowing your hook to be placed quietly and comfortably.
Wide application: fishing rod cover, suitable for all kinds of rods, such as flying fishing rods, spinning rods, throwing fishing rods, sea fishing rods and other ordinary fishing rods. Anti-slip heat shrink tubing is widely used in tennis rackets, badminton rackets, fishing rods, baseball bats, billiard sticks, hockey sticks, industrial hand tools, sports equipment and various handles.
Combination packaging: We prepare 5 color sets for you, black, blue, red, yellow, and green. Each package contains 1 fishing rod socks with the same color and 1 high-end heat shrink Tube + 3 bait hangers and 6 rubber bands. With their comprehensive protection, you can enjoy a good fishing time.

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