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Fishing Line,Stren Fishing Line Japanese Real Monofilament Carp Fishing Line 7.0 Number 0.45mm 16.4kg Tension 500m Repeat Strong Imported Raw Silk Nylon Braided Fishing Line,Fish Line

Price: $13.69
(as of Oct 31,2020 15:54:55 UTC – Details)

1. Ideal combination of strength, durability, and impact resistance.
2. Super tension Imported raw silk, superior abrasion resistance, super wear-resistant.
3. High Impact and perfect balance in a premium mono line of strength and durability. Superior handling and a thinner diameter for easy long casting.
4. Nylon fishing mainline bait lure accessory reservoir sea fishing carp sea fish cord.
5. This fishing line, you can perfectly synch knots down tight without sacrificing tensile strength. Reduce breakage at the knot and this line is the best choice on a spinning reel or a baitcaster reel.
6. Designed for saltwater fishing using spinning, casting, and trolling reels.
7. This line is the finest professional tournament grade mono fishing line available anywhere great for Bass, Carp, Pike, Muskie, Trout.
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1. Material: Imported Japanese Line, super strong nylon line.
2. Abrasion Resistance: Extremely Abrasion Resistant –effectively resist the hitting of obstacles in the water.
3. Low Ductility: The low ductility and stretch of the fishing line reduces the unnecessary vibration and resist fishing reefs and debris.
4. Using Condition: Professional tournament grade mono fishing line available in Freshwater and Saltwater.Longer Casting: Perfect balance in strength and durability with superior handling and a thinner diameter is much better for long casting.
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