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Ashconfish Braided Fishing Line – Real Color Fastness – 4 & 8 Braids/Strands – from 6lb 8lb to 300lb – Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines – Zero Stretch- Smaller Diameter -Red

Price: $13.28
(as of Oct 22,2020 13:02:59 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Braided fishing lineBraided fishing line


In 2019, after all the hard work & study on fastness, Ashconfish successfully released this Super Braided Fishing Line that color will last forever.

K**, P** P**, S**x, S**W**, or whatever brand you were using, did you have this experience that color dyed on your hands or your clothes when using their fishing line? I’m sure you did. Now, here comes a revolution. We are the first and currently the only one who provides best braided fishing line with color that will always last. We have developped a serial of this product. Spot Black, Spot Red, Spot Green, Black, Red, Moss Green, and so on. Mark our words, it’s a bomb in this business! Get it now before your pals get it first!

Braided fishing line red white yellowBraided fishing line red white yellow

Beside real fastness, below features also make Ashconfish braided fishing line the best one!

Line Stretching Progress

Line Stretching Progress

Super Strong Line

Super Strong Line

Standard Diameter

Standard Diameter

Line Stretching Progress

We all know PE braided line won’t stretch like nylon lines do. Even so, Ashconfish always pursues better performance of its fishing line. That’s why we have this extra progress, line pre-drawing, to extremly reach new 0 stretching before we deliver it to you.

Super Strong Line

That how much of the line can hold is one of the most important keys for fishing. Ashconfish makes sure its line is strong enough to help you get what you fish for. What makes it better is its extremely low memory gives you hassle-free handling and effortless backlash-free casting on any type of reel.

Standard Diameter

Many of our competitors claim they have this “small diameter” braided line. Is it true? Well, according to our fishing club members in the U.S.A., I’m afraid those competitors have a wrong definition of SMALL. Get an Ashconfish, you will know what is standard diameter.

Hardly Absorb WaterHardly Absorb Water

Super Abrasion ResistanceSuper Abrasion Resistance

Super Abrasion Resistance

Ashconfish has outstanding abrasion resistance, incredible knot strength. It is made from the finest quality 100% Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene Fiber, the same space-age material that bullet-proof vests and other tough protective gear is made from. Ashconfish fishing line is one of those must-have gears that you should have before you going to fish.

Super abrasion resistance

Incredible knot strength

Finest polyethyFinest polyethylene fiberslene fibers

Hardly Absorb Water

Ashconfish braided fishing line is designed for different water situation. No matter it’s salt water or fresh water, in a hot summer day or in a freezing cold winter day, Ashconfish can always successfully finish its job in a very impressive way. Unlike other lines, Ashconfish fishing line hardly absorb water so you can have very good control in line casting.

Hardly absorb water

Further casting

Easy control



Trolling Reel

16 Strainds Braid

8 Strands Braid

4 Strands Braid






Test LB Range





Color Options

Black,White,Red,Blue,Yellow,Moss Green,Army Green,Multi-color,Gray,Blue

Silve x Gold

Black,White,Red,Blue,Yellow,Moss Green,Army Green,Multi-color,Gray,Blue

Black,White,Red,Blue,Yellow,Moss Green,Army Green,Multi-color,Gray,Blue

Moss Green

Unique Features

Low Visibility; Sinks Faster ; Increased Sensitivity; Best for Ice Fishing

Japan NMB Bearings; CNC Carve Technology; Bite Alarm; Excellent Brake System

Hollow Core; Insert mono Line; Strong Knot Strength; Strong and Smooth; Best for Sea Fishing.

Great Abrasion Resistance; Super Strong; Excellent in Saltwater; Used to Fighting Big Fishes

Strong and Smooth; Can Be Used for Most Fishing Scene;

INCREASED STRENGTH – All our spot black braided lines are woven with thin, high strength PE fibers that delivers incredible strength which is very important when fighting a big fish.
LOW STRETCH – Real stuff, real low stretch. Despite of the low stretch PE fibers we are using, we also use drawing machine to stretch our lines to make sure line has nearly-zero stretch
STRONG KNOT STRENGTH – Ashconfish superline allows you to easily tie a more solid knot; you can even tie an improved clinch knot. The special proprietary treatment (without a waxy coating) allows the supple fishing line to zip through the guides to your target and gives you better lure swimming action.
EXCELLENT CASTING – Compared to other brands whose lines absorb too much water, our line’s casting experience is perfect. Light, easy control, farther cast. Wanna fish for something big? Better get Ashconfish. MORE COLOR OPTIONS: Red x White – Search “Braided fishing line Red x White” on Amazon; Red x Yellow – Search “Braided fishing line Red x Yellow” on Amazon. Remeber the brand is Ashconfish.

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