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9KM DWLIFE Braided Kevlar Line Heavy Duty Speargun Shooting Line Huge Model Rocket Paracord Cord Low-Stretch Heat Resistant Fishing Assist Cord Outdoor Rope

Price: $38.99
(as of Oct 31,2020 05:34:38 UTC – Details)

9KM DWLIFE Braided Kevlar Line

Material: 100% Kevlar Fiber
Color: Yellow
Diameter of Braided Line
750lb(dia.): 2.0mm
1000lb(dia.): 2.5mm
1500lb(dia.): 3.0mm
2000lb(dia.): 3.5mm

(Approximately ±2~3% deviation exists in measurement.)
Length:300Ft /91m

Data of the cords’ marked strength comes from laboratory test.
However, in practice there are a wide variety of factors.
Therefore, the suggestion from us is for all kinds of cords, the safety strength is around 20% of its original strength.

How to end?
Kevlar doesn’t melt and self-sealed like nylon or polyester.
After cutting, use a tape to seal the end or simply tie a knot.

Why choose us ?

★Trustworthy: Quality Assurance, craft with heart, Professional and reliable.

★Check Before Shipping: The items are mass-produced only after test flight, and strictly checked before shipment.

★After-Sale Service: Customer service staff will answer your questions patiently by email.

Kevlar line is great for many outdoor activities and perfect for situations where ultimate tensile strength performance is required.

We will provide quality assurance and will do our best to solve any quality problem for you!

Super Cut-Resistance. Kevlar string won’t disappoint you when other kite line (non-Kevlar) crosses/touches it in flight. Its durable and strong enough to avoid many broken which happen a lot in binding and fastening objects with sharp edges.
Lightweight, but strong cord. Its small and takes up hardly any space, very highly portable. Ideal choice for outdoor carry.
High Flame Resistance. Kevlar line is one of the most heat resistant line. Kevlar begins to decompose (turn to ash) at about 800F. Much higher than nylon or polyester.
Kevlar Line is great for many outdoor activities, such as kites flying, fishing, rocketry, camping, hiking equipment fastening, backpacking tarp line, decoration etc. Perfect for situations where ultimate tensile strength performance is required.

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